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Children of Hangzhou: Connecting with China VVC086


Join four teens from Hangzhou, China—Doudou, Weicheng, Gangzheng, and Qianyun—and gain insight into Chinese daily life. China is in the news every day, but not in a way that gives Westerners a true sense of the different facets of Chinese people's lives. Through these four video diaries (in both English and Mandarin), viewers will experience a school day, visit the countryside, see the training of an opera student, and share in a birthday celebration. Related enrichment activities will help viewers connect with China by trying out the favorite games and activities of their Chinese peers, whether it's learning how to play a sport or making a traditional craft.

Note: All features aside from video diaries themselves must be accessed via computer. Video diaries can be played on any standard DVD player.

System Requirements: DVD-ROM drive, Adobe Flash Player 10
Item: Children of Hangzhou: Connecting with China
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