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Reality Chinese - Learn Chinese from Chinese TV VVL045


This textbook is based on the 100-episode Chinese TV series We Common People. It is designed for intermediate and advanced Chinese learners. The text can be used as the primary textbook for a listening/speaking course or as a supplementary textbook for a comprehensive course. We Common People is an outstanding TV series consisting of 100 30-minute episodes.  Most of the episodes are realistic and appealing, featuring vivacious dialogues. They reflect different aspects of contemporary Chinese society and the lives of various types of people. The 10 episodes selected here are among the most representative. Each chapter of the textbook consists of five components: the main text, vocabulary list, notes (in Chinese and English), grammar explanations (in Chinese and English), and exercises in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Please view Table of Content in Simplified Chinese characters.

《走进中国百姓生活》适合具有中高级汉语水平的学习者使用。该教程共10课取材于10集反映百姓日常生活的短剧。短剧每集约30分钟,在教材中根据场景分为3-4幕,将生词、注释、语法等语言点及练习附加在每幕之后。该教材配有教学DVD光盘,便于教师合理安排课堂教学,也利于学生自学。 这部教材反映的是普通中国人的生活,语言材料地道鲜活、生动有趣,这是其特色之一;以DVD辅助教学与自学,集视、听、说于一体,这是其特色之二。“利于教、便于学”是我们出版该教材的宗旨。 每册配有DVD3张。

By Liu Yuehua, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 234-285 pages, 10.25"x7.25"
Item: Reality Chinese - Learn Chinese from Chinese TV
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