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Teaching Demonstrations for Beginning Chinese (4 DVDs) VVL069


Teaching Demonstrations for Beginning Chinese is a great aid for helping to prepare new or inexperienced Chinese language instructors for classroom teaching. The four-DVD series presents twenty-two basic units for beginning Chinese classes. Each of the twenty-two units introduces form-focused language instructions in contextualized settings. Viewers can observe interactive classroom practices that focus on language functions, substance, and accuracy. The four DVDs, with five and half hours of teaching content, not only bring viewers directly into the classroom, but also provide subtitles covering teaching techniques and classroom management. The DVDs can be easily adapted for self-teaching or TA/teacher training, and are not limited to any particular curriculum or teaching materials. The instructor in the DVDs, Ms. Nyan-Ping Bi, has many years of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language in the United States, and in teacher training. The project advisor, Professor Yuehua Liu, is a renowned scholar of Chinese grammar and has taught extensively in both China and the United States.

4 DVDs, Mandarin Chinese, 5.5 Hours

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Item: Teaching Demonstrations for Beginning Chinese (4 DVDs)
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