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Speak & Read Chinese (6DVDs) VVL071


Give your children the gift of Chinese language! Experts tell us language acquisition is simple for young children to master. In fact, they can master many languages at once through sound-based accelerated learning methods. This DVD set utilizes the latest sound-based learning technologies that enable your children to easily recognize Mandarin Chinese characters and speak phrases. Sound-based learning is an important right brain learning tool that incorporates the subtleties of patterns, rhythm, frequencies, tone, pitch and accents. Young children are easily able to synthesize these subtleties through their right brain functions with no effort. That's why this DVD set is the best you'll find for teaching your children the Chinese language - quickly and effortlessly! Each of the 36 lessons on the six DVDs gently guides your children through several thematic topics including: Parts of the Body, Animals, Foods, Action, Numbers, Nature, Personal Belongings, Colors, Household Items, Stationary, Shops, Opposites, Flags, Countries, Marine Creatures, Self-Introduction, "My House", Sentences, and more.

    Children can Learn Mandarin Chinese Effortlessly!
    Hundreds of Beautiful Natural Images and Movie Clips with Seperate Related Chinese Characters and Pronunciation
    Alternating High-Speed Right Brain Training Lessons
    Six-DVD Set with Six Levels of Learning in 36 Lessons
    Lessons Cover Several Topics Including: Body, Animals, Colors, Nature, Foods, Etc.

6 DVDs, 40 Minutes/DVD, Mandarin Chinese, Mac OSX, Windows
Item: Speak & Read Chinese (6DVDs)
Our Price:US$ 88.00
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