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Learn a Soft Rock Song in Mandarin Chinese - Rene Liu: Travel Separately VVL074


Expand your vocabulary and practice your listening comprehension skills by learning a fun Chinese song. Because songs are fun to listen to and hum along with, you will improve your listening and speaking skills far easier than you would by listening to traditional language learning recordings. You should, of course, use those as well, and go to class and get your homework done as instructed by your teachers... However, this fun method will keep you more interested and more engaged in your Chinese studies than traditional materials. Using the lyrics of popular Chinese songs and their original recordings, we will teach you new words and practical ways to use them. Thatís it! Have fun!
What This Is and What It Is Not
This is a vocabulary builder intended for Mandarin Chinese learners, ideal for those with some language knowledge. This product does not replace a Chinese language manual, professors or classes, and it will not teach you Chinese by itself. We do not include a translation in the printed booklet (only in the recording) because we believe the point of learning a language is to understand and convey meaning, more so than to create a perfect translation.
Contents - Booklet
1. Lyrics in Chinese characters & pīnyīn transliteration
2. Song Dictionary: all song words, except the most basic ones
3. Cultural notes & useful expressions
4. Lyrics in Chinese characters only
Contents - Audio CD
1. Original Sound Recording: 分开旅行
2. Conversation translating song lyrics & expressions
How To Use This
1. Listen to the CD and learn the lyrics and their meanings
2. Listen to the song & read the booklet to learn the characters
3. Learn to write the lyrics using Chinese characters

Item: Learn a Soft Rock Song in Mandarin Chinese - Rene Liu: Travel Separately
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