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Chinese Culture DVD Series VVC053


Chinese Culture DVD series offers a lovely explaination of the Chinese arts. Each DVD highlights two aspects of the Chinese cultural arts.These DVDs will help the viewer learn more about each art and the development of each. Price is for each DVD。Please view more details on each title in English.


Book Titles:
Embroidery/Silk 丝绸ˇ刺绣
Papercuts/Kites 剪纸ˇ风筝
Peking Opera/Traditional Painting 国画ˇ京剧
Puppet/Leather Silhouette Show 木偶、皮影戏
Chinese Figures/Chinese Pottery/Porcelain 陶瓷/泥人
Traditional Chinese Medicine/Chinese Wushu 中医学/中国武术

DVD, 59 minutes, In Mandarin Chinese with Chinese and English Subtitles

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Item: Chinese Culture DVD Series
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