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Chinese Cuisine and Chinese Tea (DVD) VVC050


Chinese Cuisine and Chinese Tea is an interesting documentary on the history of Chinese cuisine in the world. This documentary introduces eight major cuisines of completely different tastes, focusing on materials used and cooking requirements. This program also recommends special snacks and flour food popular in China. This documentary illustrates the particular value of Chinese tea culture while showing you the beautiful Chinese mountains where tea is produced, as well as rituals of the tea shop and tea ceremony.

《跟我学汉语:饮食ˇ茶》将深层次地挖掘中国的饮食文化与茶文化的历史积淀,为您解读这两大文化所蕴含的博大魅力! 中国的饮食文化,源远流长,八大菜系呈现出来的是一幅包罗万象的文化底蕴。对茶,中国人则更具情感,这一独特魅力的中国茶文化在世界上更是一道优雅的风景。

DVD, 59 minutes, Mandarin Chinese, with Chinese and English subtitles.
Item: Chinese Cuisine and Chinese Tea (DVD)
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