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Chinese Dances/Chinese Folk Music (DVD) VVC048


Chinese Dances/Chinese Nuo Dance/Chinese Yangge Dance demonstrates the development and the characteristics of Chinese classical dances and Chinese folk dances. It charts the Chinese Nuo Dance, performed in ancient sacrificial ceremonies. It originates from totem worship in primitive society, and then developed into folk dancing for entertainment in later generations. This video also explains the Chinese Yangge Dance, an old national dance originally called the Song of the Sun. It charts its differences in characteristics when performed in the South and the North.

DVD Chinese Folk Music/Chinese Folk Songs introduces Chinese folk music in depth, such as its development, its genres, and the Chinese people's curiosity in arts. It also covers a wide range of different Chinese folk songs in different areas of China. These DVDs will help the viewer learn more about each art and the development of each. Price is for each DVD.



Chinese Dances/Nuo Dance/Yangge Dance舞蹈/傩舞/秧歌
Folk Music/Folk Songs民乐/民歌

DVD, 59 - 89 minutes, Mandarin Chinese, with Chinese and English subtitles.
Item: Chinese Dances/Chinese Folk Music (DVD)
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