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Lego-compatible Chinese New Year Celebration ATG262


Build your own mini replica of a Chinese lion dance that also plays the Chinese New Year music of 步步高, a dragon dance, and a lucky cat. It includes 480+ high-quality mini-blocks. Follow the instructions for hours of fun constructing the Chinese lion dance, and dragon dance and enjoy the lucky cat year round!

For ages 6 and up, helps develop logical thinking, problem-solving, and fine motor skills.

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Lion Dance Music Box 雄狮点球八音盒 480 Piece, 8.27"x4.92", Box Size: 8"x12.5"x2.4"
New Year Dragon Dance 新春舞龙 662 Piece, 12.59"x6.9"x2.2", Box Size: 20.86"x14.17"x2.75"
New Year Books 春节书册 723 Piece, Box Size: 14.96"x12.8"x2.67"
Lucky Cat 招福猫 760 Piece, 6.3"x6.3"x7.87", Box Size: 14.96"x12.8"x2.67"

Plastic 726 Piece, Box Size 12.7"x16.7"x2.6" 723 Piece Box Size 13.3"x20.5"x2.6" 722 Piece Box Size: 12.7"x15"x2.6"
Item: Lego-compatible Chinese New Year Celebration
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