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100 Common Chinese Idioms B178


This fascinating little book is filled with gems of the Chinese language -- wisdom gleaned from centuries of experience. Here's a super way to learn the most popular Chinese idioms, as well as their origins. Each idiom or phrase is presented in Chinese, Pinyin, and English, with an illustration, and is followed by a story and explanation of how the idiom evolved (in Chinese and English). These phrases will liven up your understanding of the Chinese and their language, for each has been chosen for its frequency of use, practical value, and expressiveness. The Chinese use these idioms on a daily basis, now you can too! Here's one example: "When one rides a tiger it is hard to dismount." This idiom is a metaphor that points out that when in a difficult situation, one cannot help but continue to pursue one's course. How true, how true.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese, Pinyin & English, 202 Pages, 4.75''x 7.25''
Item: 100 Common Chinese Idioms
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