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100 Chinese Two-Part Allegorical B180


Learn the most popular Two-Part Allegorical Sayings, such as, "Using telephone poles as chopsticks - putting much material to petty use," and, "A dog catching a mouse - poking one's nose into other people's business." The Chinese use these sayings on a daily basis, and now you can too. Each couplet is presented in Chinese, Pinyin, and English, along with an illustration, and is followed by a brief explanation in Chinese and English. Some more obscure expressions are clarified with the help of annotations in both Chinese and English. This is a wonderful way to learn more about Chinese culture and language, and increase your own vocabulary of expression as well.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese, Pinyin & English, 200 Pages, 4.75''x 7.25''
Item: 100 Chinese Two-Part Allegorical
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