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Chinese For Youth Textbook 1 B264


This Level 1 course in Mandarin is designed specifically for children, so they will learn Chinese in an efficient and fun way. Your child will learn to speak, as well as to recognize and write basic Chinese characters and sentences. The lessons include: "Pinyin," "Chinese People," "A Chinese Family," "Calligraphy and Painting," "Calendar and Chinese Zodiac," "Money and Food," "Free Market," and, "My School." This course uses rhymes, pictures, information on Chinese culture, and building block concepts to help children learn Chinese pronunciation, characters, and grammar. Written in Traditional Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English, the set includes a Textbook with two audiocassettes, one Character Guide Book, a Workbook with audiocassette, CD-ROMaudio Cassettes and teacher's manual.  (The Workbook helps children practice what they have learned in the Textbook through daily expressions, vocabulary summaries, and narrative stories. The Character book teaches children to write characters stroke-by-stroke, how to read characters in context, and provides extra practice for writing characters.) Ages 8-16. Revised edition includes Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, Pinyin and English.

Paperback, Simplified or Traditional Chinese Characters, Pinyin and English, 177 pages, 11.13"x8.5"
Item: Chinese For Youth Textbook 1
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