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Chinese Paper-Cuts BAR110


Chinese paper-cutting has a long history. As early as the period of the Emperor Wu-Di of the Han Dynasty over 2,100 years ago, records show that someone made a paper-cut of the image of Li Furen, the late favorite concubine of Emperor Wu Di, so as to comfort him in his sorrow. During the Southern Dynasties, it became a custom to paste well cut thin silk in the shape of a person on screens for festivals. Today this custom is carried on in most households, particularly during the Spring Festival, by hanging streamers on the door jambs and sticking paper cuts to windows for decoration. This book is an concise collection of paper-cuts and their various significances through the ages. Original papercuts are presented with detailed descriptions. A great book to learn about the origins of each papercut.

Paperback, English, 102 pages, 7.5"x8.5"
Item: Chinese Paper-Cuts
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