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Chinese Auspicious Designs BAR123


In the long process of Chinese history a lot of symbolic designs with auspicious meanings have been created. People use these designs to exorcize evil spirits, ask for blessing of various deities and express their high hopes for life as well.

Themed on good fortune, high rank, longevity, happiness, wealth, and prosperity, which represent all desires of those living in an agricultural society, the symbolic designs have been widely used either for festival celebrations or in people's daily life such as house decorating, furniture carving and painting, handicrafts making, dress and personal adornment, etc.

All in all, the symbolic designs and human activities involved constitute the elements of an 'auspicious culture' -- an interesting cultural phenomenon peculiar to Chinese society.

Paperback, English, 342 pages, 5.7"x8.1"
Item: Chinese Auspicious Designs
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