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Everyday Chinese Textbook 2 BLA075


Building on Textbook 1, this book helps intermediate students to improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in modern Chinese in daily life. Each lesson (24 lessons in each book) includes dialogues, vocabulary, notes, grammar, aural comprehension drills, and translation of the texts. Each unit (12 units in each book- 1 unit consists of 2 lessons) includs a variety of exercises, reading comprehension, try to guess section, and authentic material. Simplified Version is one textbook, while traditional version includes a set of two books: part A and B.

Lesson 1: Renting Video Tapes 租录影带
Lesson 2: Don't Switch the Channel 你不要转台
Lesson 3: Are There Tour Groups Going to Europe 有没有去欧洲的旅行团?
Lesson 4: What Do You Know about That Place? 那个地方怎么样?
Lesson 5: What Do You Do on the Weekends? 你周末都做些什么?
Lesson 6: Camping 露营
Lesson 7: Taking a Stroll in a Night market 逛夜市
Lesson 8: Sitting in a Pub 到酒馆坐坐
Lesson 9: Let's Go Have Some Tea 我们去喝茶吧
Lesson 10: Going to See a Performance 去看表演
Lesson 11: Looking for a Job? 找工作吗?
Lesson 12: Responding to a Job Offer 应征工作
Lesson 13: You Can Open a Bank Account and Transfer Funds 可以开户转账
Lesson 14: Notice for Payment 缴费通知
Lesson 15: Be Careful or Your Will Catch a Cold 小心感冒
Lesson 16: Had a Car Accident 出车祸了
Lesson 17: It's So Scratchy! 好痒啊!
Lesson 18: To the Hospital to Visit the Sick 探病
Lesson 19: Attending a Birthday Party 参加庆生会
Lesson 20: My Best Friend's Wedding 好友的婚礼
Lesson 21: Alas! I Didn't Do Well on the Test 唉!考试没考好
Lesson 22: Writing a Love letter 写情书
Lesson 23: Burglarized 遭小偷了
Lesson 24: A broadcast News about a Fire 一则火灾的广播新闻

Paperback, Simplified or Traditional Chinese Character, Pinyin & English, Simplified: 385 pages, Traditional: 230 pages (Part A) & 472 pages (Part B), 11.2"X8.5"
Item: Everyday Chinese Textbook 2
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