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Far East Everyday Chinese SLC012


Designed to teach Chinese as a second language and as a companion of theFar East Practical Chinese Textbook, this CD-ROM contains 4 units that teach Numbers, Tones, Syllables, and Chinese Numerals and 12 courses from the Textbook. The courses equipped with a variety of exercises in phonetics, grammar, contextual meaning and usage to help learners improve their skills in listening, speaking, and writing to achieve the objective of Chinese language acquisition. The vocabulary, phrases, and sentences in the courses are used in everyday. It will prepare you to communicate in every common situation. Native Chinese speakers read through the conversations using standard Mandarin pronunciation.

For MS Windows PCs, System Requirements: 150 MHz Pentium or higher, Windows ME, 32 MB RAM, 640 x 480 Color Display, CD-ROM Drive, Speaker or Earphone
Item: Far East Everyday Chinese
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