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Time Concepts by David Adler (3 Books) BLC1028


It's Time to Sleep, It's Time Nighttime has come; it's time for bed. It's time to dream of soft spring breezes, sand castles and seagulls, pumpkins, and mittens in this book about a child's winsome dreams during the four seasons.

Time Zones What are time zones and why do they exist? When it's noon where you live, why is it midnight halfway around the world? This entertaining book explains why time zones exist and includes little-known facts and historical lore, an explanation of Daylight Savings Time, and a hands-on activity that can be performed at home or in the classroom.

The Story of Hanukkah It's also the celebration of an ancient miracle, and retelling and remembering the story of that miracle is an essential part of the holiday, for young and old. The story of the courageous Maccabees is retold in simple yet dramatic text, accompanied by vibrant paintings of the battle, the Temple of Jersualem, and the oil which miraculously burned for eight long nights.





Book Titles:
It's Time to Sleep, It's Time 晚安,四季
Time Zones 时区的故事
The Story of Hanukkah 光明节的故事

By David A. Adler, Illustrated by Edward Miller, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 27-32 pages/book, 10"x8.3"
Item: Time Concepts by David Adler (3 Books)
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