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iSuper Science Books Level 1 (4 Books) BLC760


This series is a newly developed K-5 science curriculum tailored for Immersion and FLES classes and it is the first set of content-based instructional materials that accommodates Common Core and other science standards in the nation. This series of Science textbook in Chinese are designed based on the FOSS Science instructional resources - the most used science materials in the elementary to middle schools in the United States. These instructional material series are also developed based on the Chinese language learning levels.

There are 5 language levels in this textbook series that follows the ACTFL standards of foreign language development. Each language level contains three science fields: life science, physical science and earth science. Each unit has 2 or 3 topics, these topics are not limited to FOSS modules, more variety of activities are included as well based on Chinese culture and language. The topics also expand to accommodate those states or districts that may have a different scope sequence than FOSS.

Book Titles:
Earth Science (Trees) 地球科学·树
This is a Tree 这是一棵树
Different Species of Trees 树的种类
An Apple Tree 一棵苹果树
Trees are Important 树木很重要

Physical Science (Textile Materials) 物理科学·纺织材料
Objects Are Different 物品各有不同
Textile Materials 纺织材料
Making Textile 做纺织品
Textile Materials and Water 纺织材料和水

Life Science (Fish) 生命科学·鱼
Structure of Fish 鱼的结构
Life of Fish 鱼的生活
Life of Goldfish 金鱼的生活
Fish and Schools of Fish 鱼和鱼群

By Marisa Fang and Zhining Chin, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 12-19 pages/book, 8.5"x7.25"
Item: iSuper Science Books Level 1 (4 Books)
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