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The Commerical Press Guide to Chinese Synonyms BLD067


The dictionary makes a distinction between  Chinese synonyms for CSL learners and is compiled by experienced scholars who are engaged in CSL teaching and research. It provides coverage of over 2400 synonyms arranged in 1030 groups and about 45000 word expressions and sentences reflecting language in real-life use and of collocations. Commonly used words and simple sentences are employed in defining and defining vocabulary is under 3000 words. Example sentences are standard, practical and simple and 6000 words are employed in building the sentences. Both defining vocabulary and vocabulary employed insentence building are stipulated in HSK vocabulary list.  It is intended for CSL teachers and foreign learners with intermediate and advanced Chinese proficiency.

Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 570 pages, 7.65"x5.5"
Item: The Commerical Press Guide to Chinese Synonyms
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