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Chinese Paradise Flash Cards BLE012


Also called Chinese Paradise, these flashcards are the companions for the textbooks. This series of textbooks introduces Chinese to young children with colorful illustrations, conversations, rhymes, songs, fun activities, and more. While learning the Chinese language, children can also learn about Chinese culture, folk songs, handicrafts, and games. They make learning Chinese fun! Price is for each set of flash cards.

《汉语乐园》是中国国家汉办推荐的国外儿童汉语教材,共3个级别,每个级别包括:学生用书2册(配套CD 1盘),活动手册2册(配套 CD 1盘),词语卡片1册,教师用书1册。内容包括:互动句型、生词、汉字学习,图解中国文化,介绍手工、歌曲、故事等多种游戏活动。学生用书每个级别6个单元,12课,每课教授1~2个汉字,10个左右生词,1个基本句型。三个级别学完可以掌握约50个汉字、300个生词,会说简单的句子,会背一些中国童谣、诗歌,会唱一些中文儿童歌曲,初步了解一些中国文化。每级A册随书赠送与本级别配套的录音CD一盘。本册为汉语乐园 词语卡片。

Simplified Chinese, Paperback, Vol 1:57 Cards, Vol 2:84 Cards, Vol 3:70 Cards, 6.75" x 9",
Item: Chinese Paradise Flash Cards
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