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Chinese Paradise Reader Level 1 BSG256


Chinese Paradise—Companion Reader is a series of readers based on the textbooks of Chinese Paradise(2nd edition). There are six levels in total, with 12 books in each level. Levels 1-3 correspond to YCT 1-2, and Levels 4-6 correspond to YCT 3-4. This book is provided with MPR reading. Users can scan the QR code to listen to or download the audio files. Please click here for each title description.

《汉语乐园同步阅读》是根据经典儿童汉语教材《汉语乐园》(第2版)课本设计的配套读物,共6级,每级12册。1-3级适用于YCT 1-2级汉语水平,4-6级适用于YCT 3-4级汉语水平。本书为MPR产品,可点读发声,也可扫描封底二维码在线收听或下载精彩录音文件。请点击查看分册介绍。
1. 与《汉语乐园》话题、词汇、句型同步,轻松巩固课本知识。
2. 与孩子年龄、认知能力、阅读心理同步,稳步提升汉语能力。
3. 与学生汉语水平、YCT等级要求同步,方便检验学习成果。
4. 与呆萌动物、有趣故事、奇妙童年同步,尽情享受阅读乐趣。

Book Titles:
Hello 你好
My Name Is Xiaohuan 我叫小欢
Thank You 谢谢
How Old Are You 你多大
Look at Me 看我
I’m Short 我个子矮
Who Is He 他是谁
Thank You All 谢谢你们
I’m Sorry 对不起
I Have Notebooks 我有本子
I’d Like to Drink Coffee 我喝咖啡
Yummy 很好吃

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pingyin and English, 10 pages/book, 8.75"x8"
Item: Chinese Paradise Reader Level 1
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