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Shapes Chinese Books (6 Books+DVD) BLE239


Shapes Chinese Books includes 3 sets of learning Chinese materials for young children, and is based on the animated TV series that is a highly successful. This new series uses squares, circles and other basic shapes to retell famous folktales with humor and wit. The level of Chinese is carefully calibrated to give the young readers a sense of accomplishment. Your child will learn useful life lessons from thee folktales and improve their Chinese. Each set consists of 6 paperback books. Please note each volume includes a FREE DVD with a sample Mandarin episode from the TV series. Please view the table of content and more details on each title.

-- Large characters for easy word recognition
-- Selected Pinyin for more challenging words
-- Text and picture separation for enhanced reading experience
-- Colorful and attractive illustrations to sustain interest
-- Moral page at the end for further discussion
-- Full Pinyin guide and English translation at the back for reference

形状与寓言本是风马牛不相及的两码事,本系列书确巧妙的将它们结合在一起,创造出别开生面的动画片。动画片中的故事都以寓言为主,图画则由各种形状组成。每一系列包括DVD與普通話版本的樣本. 请参阅详细目录.

- 大字字體,易識別
- 選擇更具挑戰性的拼音字
- 文本和圖片分離,提高閱讀能力
- 色彩絢麗的插圖,以保持閱讀興趣
- 書後設有問題,方便作進一步討論
- 全拼音指南和英語翻譯,以供參考

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English Translation, Vocabulary in Pinyin, 34 pages/book, 7.9"x7.9", 1 DVD
Item: Shapes Chinese Books (6 Books+DVD)
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