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Learn Chinese The Fun & Easy Way (6 Books) BSG336


These books are designed to build children's language foundation in a fun and engaging way.

Set 1: Living 第一辑生活篇)
Set 2 : Character Building 第二辑(个性篇)
This series is filled with adventure, action and comedy! Find out how Taoshu learns valuable lessons such as honesty, integrity and courage.  Laugh along with Taoshu and Lingling in funny stories like The Runaway Drumstick and The Toothache.Series 3 : Set 3: Knowledge 第三辑(常识篇)
The third box set contains nuggets of knowledge about the natural world around us. Your kids will learn along with Taoshu how to care for a pet, grow peanuts, plant a tree and why not to feed monkeys in the wild! Learning to protect yourself from lightning strikes and nibbly rats are just another two examples of the fun and exciting things that await them in these 6 gorgeous storybooks!
Set 4 : Intelligence 第四辑(智慧篇)
The fourth and final set of 6 books is a treasure trove of ‘crime-busting’ investigative knowledge! Taoshu flexes his brain muscles this time to navigate his way out of some tricky situations such as finding his way back from a forest and saving a drowning friend. Taoshu also does some nifty detective work by solving the mystery of the missing bun and piecing the clues together in the Penny saga!

Book Titles:
Set 2
1. The Little Warrior 小武士
2. Runaway Drumstick! 鸡腿跑掉了
3. The Toothache 牙齿不痛了
4. The Opportunist 投机取巧
5. Playing Truant 逃学记
6. Herding Cow 放牛
Set 3
1. Hiding From The Rain 不要在树下避雨
2. Feeding Monkeys 喂猴子
3. Where Are My New Shoes 鞋子被老鼠咬破了
4. Snowy’s Kittens 母猫生小猫
5. Planting Trees 种树
6. Growing Peanuts 花生
Set 4
1. A Day In The Forest 到树林里去
2. Finding The Way Home 不再迷路了
3. Saving Jinhan 机智救人
4.Night Adventure 巧计脱身
5.The Missing Bun 毒包子
6.The Penny Judge 一个铜钱

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 24 pages/book, 8"x8",1 Audio CD
Item: Learn Chinese The Fun & Easy Way (6 Books)
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