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The Stories of Tiantian Level 3 BLH233


The Stories of Tiantian is a series of readers matching Textbooks 1-4 of Easy Steps to Chinese. For each of the four levels, there are five readers, each telling three stories, matching the three lessons in each unit of Easy Steps to Chinese. The readers describe the adventures of a secondary school student called Tiantian.

The readers aim to create a motivating environment, in which students can revise, practice and consolidate the vocabulary, sentence structures and language points they have learned from the textbook. Audio Files are available by scanning QR codes.

(1)难度循序渐进,由简到难。故事篇幅为:第1级100-200字,第2级300-500字; 第3级600-800字;第4级1200-1600字。

Book Titles:
How to Memorize 怎么记得住
Tiantian’s Relatives 天天的亲戚
The Magic of Chinese Medicine 神奇的中医
Four Seasons in One Day 一天有四季
What Job Should I Do? 做什么工作
Tiantian’s New Hobby  天天的新爱好
What are Interesting Classes? 选什么课好
The New School Building 天天的新校舍
Tiantian Likes Buying Stationery 天天爱买文具
A Five-Star Food Market 五星级菜市场
An Unforgettable Christmas 难忘的圣诞节
Grandma’s Birthday Party 奶奶的生日会
Tiantian Moved House 天天搬家了
12- Hour Relay Race  12小时接力比赛
Tiantian’s New Neighbor 天天家的新邻居

By Yamin Ma and Luoyan Zhu, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 44 pages, 8.5"x11.1"
Item: The Stories of Tiantian Level 3
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