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IBMYP Language and Literature BLH248


The book is designed with principles of Chinese teaching for secondary students and the IB philosophy in MYP. Following the accordance with IBMYP syllabus, it features a concept- based and unit-teaching approach. The series consists of 6 volumes with 12 units each which corresponds to assessment criteria of three grades and fully covers the whole process of IBMYP learning (5 years in total). Volumes 1-2 are used for the first school year, Volumes 3-4 for the third school year, and Volumes 5-6 for the fifth school year.


  • 规范的单元设计—以概念为核心,围绕重要的思想观点与相关概念组织单元教学。
  • 明确的课目标题—改变以课文为中心的编排方式,突出学科知识与文体特点。
  • 均衡的课文选编—选用符合真实生活、有助学以致用的多体裁文本,保证语言与文学教学相容并进。
  • 多元的教学实践—涵盖多元立体的教学内容,鼓励学生利用各种媒介学用结合。请点击查看目录介绍 Vol. 1 请点击查看目录介绍 Vol. 2

By Dong Ning, Paperback, Simplified or Traditional Chinese Characters, 177-185 Pages/book, 11"X8.5"
Item: IBMYP Language and Literature
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