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Expressway to IBDP Chinese Listening BLH260


This book includes 90 lessons of listening exercises, covering the five major themes of IBDP language acquisition syllabus as well as syllabus requirements of other Chinese language tests. With comprehensive and rich themes, corpora that captures the vivid language in real life, various exercises and audiobooks with texts are designed and arranged based on different levels for leaners of IBDP Chinese Ab initio/B SL, IGCSE 0523/0547, international language learning courses such as Australia VCE/ SLA, and general Chinese learning courses.

本书包含 90 课听力练习,涵盖IBDP 语言习得课程大纲五大主题,兼顾其他中文考试大纲要求,话题全面丰富,语料真实生动,练习及文本录音按照难度等级编排,可供 IBDP 中文 Ab initio/B SL、IGCSE 0523/0547、澳洲VCE SL/SLA 等国际课程和一般中文课程的学习者使用。

By Victor Siye BAO and Fanjing ZENG, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 251 Pages, 9.5"x6.75"
Item: Expressway to IBDP Chinese Listening
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