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Success with Chinese Level 2 BLL005


If you are planning to visit or work in China and want to get around on your own, this is the perfect guide to help you learn and use the Chinese language to manage the essentials of everyday life. The Success with Chinese series' special teaching method coordinates Listening & Speaking and Reading & Writing separately, so that learners' conversation skills aren't slowed down by the pace of their character acquisition.

Reading & Writing 2 is comprised of 15 lessons that correspond to the lessons in the Listening & Speaking 2.

Listening & Speaking 2 is comprised of 10 lessons.  Lesson 11: School; Lesson 12: Shopping for Food; Lesson 13: Getting Around by Bus or Taxi; Lesson 14: Seeing a Doctor; Lesson 15: Photographs and Haircuts; Lesson 16: Shopping; Lesson 17: Visiting Family and Friends; Lesson 18: Weather; Lesson 19: Travel; Lesson 20: Going on the Internet; Lesson 21: Level 2 builds on the strengths of Success with Chinese, Level 1 and uses a whole new range of daily experiences as practical opportunities for learning and mastering the basics of Chinese. 

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, Reading & Writing:325 Pages, Listening & Speaking:342 Pages, 10"x7", 1 CD/book
Item: Success with Chinese Level 2
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