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Success with Chinese BLO008


This book was written for people who plan to live or work in China such as students, English teachers, and business professionals. It can also be used as a textbook in regular college courses, in immersion programs, in intensive summer programs, and in language training schools. This book is structured in two separate but coordinated parts: Listening & Speaking and Reading & Writing. This use of a coordinated two-part structure allows teachers, as well as individual learners, considerable flexibility in designing the instruction and learning process. In the Speaking/Listening section, each lesson includes key expressions and sample conversations, pronunciation exercises, notes on grammar, sentence pattern drills, and communicative exercises. The Reading/Writing section helps students to learn radicals and simple characters in restaurant menus, signs, and other materials. Instead of focusing on character memorization, Success with Chinese teaches critical reading strategies that will help students apply their knowledge of characters to understand the general meaning of a phrase, even when there are unfamiliar words. Students also learn how to type Chinese on a computer using pinyin, and to write by hand the most essential characters they need to fill out forms, leave messages, and communicate basic needs. Listening & Speaking comes with an audio CD. Advance level for this series is also available.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, Pinyin and English, Reading & Writing:210 pages, Listening & Speaking:268 pages, 7''x10'', 1 CD/book
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