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Experiencing Chinese - Traveling in China BLL022


Experiencing Chinese series is developed based on students’ survival skills, focusing on practical communication tasks, with an emphasis on speaking and listening, and minimal focus on grammar. All books in the series have authentic text content, with short and easy-to-learn sentences, benefiting students’ memory and usage. The varied formats for activities, with an emphasis on practicality, and plenty of interactive activities, can greatly strengthen learners’ sense participation. The series covers both traditional Chinese culture and modern life, exhibiting an authentic portrait of life in China, and helping learners to assimilate into Chinese society. A flexible selection of sections and learning content, in line with the characteristics of short-term Chinese teaching, is provided. Each book features lively pictures and texts, alleviating the burden of memorization and activating the learner's interest in learning.

  • 以学习者生存需求为依据,以实用的交际任务为主线,注重听说,淡化语法。
  • 课文内容真实,语句简短易学,利于学生记忆和使用。
  • 活动形式多样,实践性强,尤其是互动性的任务活动,能够极大地增强学习者的参与意识。
  • 兼顾中国传统文化与现代生活,展示真实的中国生活图景,利于学习者融入中国社会生活。
  • 提供灵活选用的板块和学习内容,符合短期汉语教学的特点。
  • 图文并茂,形式活泼,减轻记忆负担,增加学习者的学习兴趣。

Traveling in China is part of the Experiencing Chinese series. The main idea behind the book is to 'experience' and 'practice' Chinese culture and language throughout the entire course. This book is for learners who have some basic knowledge of Chinese, or for short-term learners who like to travel. The book is divided into 12 chapters with each chapter getting progressively harder. Chapters include words and phrases, dialogue, speaking tasks, communication tasks, etc.

第一课 乘车
第二课 入住
第三课 房间设施
第四课 日程安排
第五课 问路
第六课 订票
第七课 购物
第八课 换钱
第九课 求助
第十课 吃饭
第十一课 生病
第十二课 告别

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, English & Pinyin, 140 pages, 11"x8.25"
Item: Experiencing Chinese - Traveling in China
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