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Handbook on Grammar Teaching for International Chinese Teachers BLS023


The book has selected 60 core grammatical points in Modern Chinese, and broken it down to four major categories: Parts of Speech, Sentence Components, Special Sentence Patterns and Set Structures, and Types of Sentences. The book recommends the way that uses precise language, scientific introduction, vivid pictures  and authentic language environment to explain the grammatical knowledge and practice the grammatical points through listening, speaking, reading, writing and drilling. The book has provided some 1500 grammatical teaching cards. Attached on the book are the Picture Base and the Assessment Page. Both of them can be copied and used by the teachers. The purpose of such arrangement is to shorten the teachers’ preparation time, alleviate their workload and provide them with more humane service. The book applies to the international Chinese teachers, volunteer teachers, undergraduate and graduate students who major in International Chinese Education. It can be used in teaching International Chinese Education as the major area, vocational training and self study. Please review the sample pages.


Paperback, Wire Binding, Simplified Chinese characters, 475 pages, 11.25"x8.5"
Item: Handbook on Grammar Teaching for International Chinese Teachers
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