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Handbook on Phonetic Teaching for International Chinese Teachers BLS045


The book applies to the international Chinese teachers, volunteer teachers, undergraduate and graduate students who major in International Chinese Education. It can be used as a teaching guide and reference book of Chinese phonetics or resources materials. The book has nine units according to the system of phonetics. Each unit has four parts: teaching instruction, phonetic exercise, comprehensive listening and speaking materials and test. It pays attention to both knowledge teaching and skills training, with teaching strategies included. Exercises and activities are included in the book to emphasize the relevance, fun and practicality of teaching.


第1单元 声调
第2单元 单韵母
第3单元 声母
第4单元 复韵母
第5单元 音节
第6单元 连续变调
第7单元 儿化
第8单元 轻声
第9单元 语调

Paperback, Wire Binding, Simplified Chinese Character, 262 pages, 11.25"x8.5", 4 pages sticker
Item: Handbook on Phonetic Teaching for International Chinese Teachers
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