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Smart Kid Science - Nature Series BSE106


Smart Kid Science - Nature Series is a great science series for young scientists. Each book is dedicated to a natural science subject and explains the material in an easy to understand and engaging manner. Subject matter in this series includes the history of the earth, the food chain, and animal survival strategies.

The History of the Earth 《聪聪科学绘本自然篇地球上发生的故事》: 从诞生最初的生命体到现在,地球上一共出现了许多生物,其中,也有一些生物灭绝了。在长长的生命历史中,人类的出现不过是最近的事情,那么,很久很久以前,谁住在地球上?地球又是什么样子的呢?
The Survival of The Animal《聪聪科学绘本自然篇追、逃、找、躲》:飞快地跑,悄悄地躲,竖起尖刺,放个臭屁,亮出铁甲战衣,张开脖子上的大斗篷!大而强的动物,小而弱的动物,全都为了生存费尽心机。快来看看动物们的生存战略吧!
A Diary of The Puddle《聪聪科学绘本自然篇池塘观察日记》:叶蝉吃蒲苇,水黾吃叶蝉,山雀吃水黾池塘里吃与被吃的事情,不断在发生。读了池塘观察日记,就会了解动物之间的食物链。

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 32 pages, 8.25"x7.5"
Item: Smart Kid Science - Nature Series
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