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Smart Kid Science - Physics Series BSE107


Smart Kid Science - Physics Series is a great science series for young scientists. Each book is dedicated to a physical science subject and explains the material in an easy to understand and engaging manner. Subject matter in this series includes strength and movement, the color of sun, fire, sound, energy, earth, air, water and water circulation.

本丛书引进自韩国,采用美绘本的形式,用鲜艳的色彩与精美的图画,为孩子打开了观察生活、洞知科学的另一扇窗户。雨从哪里来?太阳光是什么颜色的?生活中常见的水、火、土又有怎样的特性?天天使用的塑料、橡胶制品以及玻璃都是怎样生产出来的?公园里小池塘中的小鱼小虾构成了什么样的食物链? 孩子的世界总是充满了各种问题,看着他们如一泓泉水般清澈的眼睛,就想把最美好的东西给他。成人的世界容易忽视孩子对理所当然事物的好奇,那些来自大自然的问候,那些对身边事物的疑问,都是因为对这个世界的热爱与关心。

Book Titles:
Push The Ball骨碌骨碌滚球玩(运动和力)
What is the color of Sun阳光是什么颜色(光与色彩)
Burning Fire熊熊燃烧的火(火)
Sounds are Moving声音是移动的(声音的传递)
All is Energy全都是能量(能量)
Soft Earth松松软软的土(土壤)
About the Air呼吸的空气(空气)
Where is the Rain From雨从哪里来(雨)
About the Water哗哗流淌的水(水)

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 34 pages/book, 8.25"x7.5"
Item: Smart Kid Science - Physics Series
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