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My EQ Readers - Negative Emotions BSE185


The Learning Chinese With Fun EQ reader series helps children to understand and express their own feelings, learn to take care of others and build their own confidence. Included in the text is a "Words to Parents and Teachers" section, which analyzes children's psychological characteristics. It also provides effective teaching methods and activities designed to help children raise their EQ and develop an optimistic, positive view of life. The books are illustrated with colorful paintings and are written in simple langugage using large fonts and includes a "Baby Let's Read" section, which provides the pinyin of the text. The whole series is divided into three sub-series which is comprised of real-life-related EQ themes, including "Positive Thinking Guide: Love, Joy, Politeness & Independence" and "Expression of Negative Emotions: Sadness, Fear, Anger & Jealousy". 

乐中学情绪智商图书透过浅显的文字和生动的绘图, 培养孩子认识自己的情绪, 学习表达情感, 关怀他人, 建立安全感与自信心。全套书共分三个系列, 十二个主题, 适合3-8岁的幼儿阅读。

Books Titles:
I am Hurt 我会伤心
I am Very Angry 我好生气
I am Scared  我很害怕
I am Jealous 我好嫉妒

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 36 pages/book, 7.9"x7.9"
Item: My EQ Readers - Negative Emotions
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