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My New House BSE530


Let your kids learn about the rooms and things that most homes have. From pets to courtyards, let kids realize that there are many people in the world who share the same lifestyle as them!

散发着韩国乡村田园气息,展现着质朴动人的民俗画卷。 书中有滋有味的真实场景,定能激起你对温馨生活的怀念与向往。  ☆ 书中展现的庭院是作者真实生活中的家,书中的主人公则是作者的儿子小满。小满一家从原来住的筒子楼搬到了奶奶家。  奶奶家有很多房间,有大院子,还有三只小狗。  让我们跟着小满一起去逛逛屋里的每个角落吧。  卧室、厨房、地窖、酱台、后院、花坛、玄关、小满的房间、浴室、屋顶、爸爸的房间、门厅。  放置在屋内各个角落的家具,都是家人用旧了的物件

Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 32 pages, 9"x11"
Item: My New House
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