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Great Tool BSW586


Long ago, people used to live together in a small community, with a farmer, seamstress, builder and doctor. In this time, an invention of a tool was needed. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the houses we live in all requires many tools and machines to be made. The protagonist and his good friend, Mao went to the village to play, passing by every place where they have novelty tools; farmland, hospitals, and many more. The end of the book shows the place, tools and its description of use.

很久很久以前,人们就在一起生活, 一同种地、做衣服、盖房子、,看病 在这个过程中,发明出了一件件需要的工具。 我们吃的食物、穿的衣服、住的房屋, 都是人们利用许多工具与机器制作而成的。 主人公我和好朋友阿猫一起去村里玩,他们路过的每一个地方,都有新奇的工具,农田里、医院里、制鞋厂等等,书的最后还把每个地方的工具做了详细的介绍

By Kwon Yoon-duck,Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 38 pages, 11.55"x11.10"
Item: Great Tool
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