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Discovering Chinese Food BSE703


Where Does Tofu Come From?
How is tofu made? Who invented it? Why does oil tofu have skin? Why are soy beans so hard? Is tofu skin tofu skin? Why are there holes in frozen tofu? What happens to vinegar in soy milk? Is stinky tofu broken?
Where Does Persimmon Come From?
Why do some persimmons taste astringent? How does persimmon ripen and astringent? How does the persimmon grow? Are there seeds in persimmons? How to make persimmons?
Where Does Pineapple Come From?
Why are pineapples stinging? Have you seen the pineapple blossom? Where is the seed of ananas? Where is pineapple's hometown?
Where Does Clam Come From?
 Where does the clam live? How do clams eat? Can clams walk? Why are some clams only empty? What's the use of a clam shell?


By Liping Wu, Hardcover, Traditional Chinese characters, 34 pages/book, 10.1x9.3
Item: Discovering Chinese Food
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