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I Can Speak (4 Books+CD) BSG153


I Can Speak is especially created to help young students learn oral Chinese in an interactive way, via a natural language acquisition process. The books use eye-catching colours and illustrations, fun stories and games, and memorable rhymes and songs in order to enhance the learning process and build a solid foundation in spoken Chinese. Price is for a set of 4 books and one CD.

I Can Speak consists of 32 books, each covering different daily themes. The English-language series enables teachers to broaden students’ Chinese language capacity in an interrelated, logical and systematic manner, while parents can also support their child’s progress, and students can practice their newfound knowledge at home.

Each book contains several key elements:
The Main Chapter comprises “Let’s Learn” (ten frequently used words relating to the book’s theme), “Key Words” (1-2 additional basic Chinese words), and “Key Sentences” (1-2 useful Chinese phrases). Additionally, “Let's Listen”, “Let's Sing” and “Let's Speak” encourage students to practice their vocabulary, consolidating the learning process.
The Work Page includes “Let's Practice”, “Let's Do It” and “Let's Have Fun”. These spoken exercises encourage children to interact independently with the vocabulary they have learned, in an engaging and creative manner.
The final Revision section summarises each book’s key contents.
The sections have been designed to work together, encouraging children to practice their new vocabulary in order to further reinforce language learning.
Meanwhile, Daily Practice aims to consolidate this learning with suggested daily drills that practice each book’s key themes and vocabulary.
As students complete each book, they assess their progress using the “How Did You Do?” page. Each book also includes an Award page, intended as a positive reinforcement of the learning process, and additional encouragement for young students upon completion of each book. Please click here to view more sample images

Book Titles
Green Set 1:

Who I Am 我是谁
Numbers 数字123
My Family 我的家人
My Body 我的身体
Green Set 2:
Pretty Colours 好看的颜色
Tasty Fruits 好吃的水果
Refreshing Drink 好喝的饮品
Yummy Food 美味的食物

Red Set 1:
My Clothes 我的衣服
My Toys 我的玩具
My Home 我的房子
My Zoo 我的动物园
Red Set 2:
Beautiful Nature 美丽的自然
Transport 交通工具
Where We Live 住在哪里
Let's Act 我会做

Blue Set 1:
Birthday Party 生日会
Where Is It 在哪里
My School 我的学校
My School Bag 我的书包
Blue Set 2:
I Love Learning 我爱学
Fun Shapes 好玩的形状
I Like to Play 我喜欢玩
Let's Compare 比一比

Purple Set 1:
My Feelings 我的感觉
Where We Go 去哪里
Me and My Friends 我你他她
Seeing A Doctor 看医生
Purple Set 2:
When Is It 时间
Changeing Weather 天气
Joyful Holidays 开心节日
My City 我的城市

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 26 pages/book, 10.25"x7.5", 1 CD/Set
Item: I Can Speak (4 Books+CD)
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