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Selected Works of Ba Jin BSS033


Now you can enjoy the Selected Works of Ba Jin in English in the comfort of your own home. Ba Jin, born in 1904 is a well-known writer in modern China. He began his career in 1927, and has a collected work of 14 volumes of novels and proses. The first volume contains his novel The Family, completed in 1931, and his novellette Autumn in Spring in 1932. The second volume contains his two novelettes Garden of Repose, completed in 1944, and Bitter Cold Nights in 1946. The third volume contains the novelette The Grit Men, and 22 short stories. The fourth volume contains 43 articles on literary creation and other subjects by Ba Jin.

By Ba Jin, Hardcover, English, Vol.1:416 Pages, Vol.2:562 Pages, Vol.3:385 Pages, Vol.4:329 Pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
Item: Selected Works of Ba Jin
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