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Selected Stories by Deng Youmei BSS014


Deng Youmei, born in 1931, is one of the most prominent modern Chinese writers. Forced to work in Japan during World War II, he returned to China and taught himself to read and write. His writings present a positive outlook on life, often calling people to exhibit better moral behavior. This collection of stories includes his most popular novella ''Snuff Bottles'' and a short story called ''Han the Forger.'' Not only will readers enjoy the stories, but also will learn a great deal about Chinese people and their daily life in modern times. With Chinese characters on opposing pages, you can study your Chinese characters while enjoying the stories in English.

By Deng Youmei, Paperback, English and Simplified Chinese Characters, 299 Pages, 5'' x 7.75''
Item: Selected Stories by Deng Youmei
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