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Someday BSW413


A deceptively simple, powerful ode to the potential of love and the potential in life, Someday is the book you'll want to share with someone else...today. The perfect gift for Mother's Day, Graduation Day or Any Day - share a copy with every special person in your life.

一天深夜,爱莉森? 麦基站在卧室门口看着熟睡的女儿,感到心不知被什么温柔地触碰了一下。她悄悄走进厨房,在餐桌旁写下了《有一天》的初稿:“那一天,我数算你的手指,轻轻把它们亲遍;那一天,初雪飘落,我把你高高举起……”诗一般的文字,仿佛一位母亲的喃喃自语:有一天,孩子会独自去体验成长中的种种酸甜;有一天,她会离开家,渐行渐远,拥有自己的孩子,直到满头白发的那一天到来时,她会想起母亲的爱……本书用简单质朴的语言,传达出如天空和海洋般辽阔的母爱。

By Alison McGhee, Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters or Traditional Chinese Characters, 40 pages, 8.75"x11.25"
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