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NiHao Little Friends Soundtrack MCS015


Now you can enjoy all our wonderful NiHao songs wherever you go! Our very own Xiaoning auditioned many children's choirs and personally selected the famous Little Companion Art Group of the China Welfare Institute's Children's Palace to sing our songs. The choir worked hard with her to produce the exact tones and clarity we needed, and everyone's hard work definitely paid off, for this is truly a CD worth many awards for its excellence. You'll hear all the songs taught in ChinaSprout's popular language videos NiHao Little Friends 1 and NiHao Little Friends 2, as well as 10 more new songs about the same subjects. Now your child can learn Mandarin Chinese while singing these songs at home, at school, or even in the car! We've also included a set of lyrics in Chinese, Pinyin, and English to help you and your child sing along. If you only buy one children's CD this season, this is the one it should be! Here is the feedback from our editor: "The very first time we listened to this CD, my daughter and I were hooked! Every song is absolutely delightful, and Xiaoxiao and I sing along with it in the car on a regular basis. It has become our favorite Chinese CD. She likes it because it's fun, but I love it because she's learning some Chinese without even realizing it. The words are clear, the children's voices are sweet and pure, and the most of the tunes are familiar from the NiHao videos. The new songs blend in perfectly and add new melodies and vocabulary to the total experience. I couldn't give it any higher recommendation!." Debi Strong.


  1. Let's Learn Chinese
  2. Little Lanterns
  3. Butterfly
  4. Little Friends Eat Fruit
  5. Little Animals
  6. I Have a Happy Family
  7. This is My Body
  8. Clap Hands
  9. Food and Drink
  10. Clothing
  11. A Girl in Red and a Boy in Blue
  12. Hello
  13. Fresh Flowers for Mom
  14. Learn Pinyin
  15. Four Seasons
  16. Balloons
  17. I Have a Box of Coloring Pens
  18. Making a Bridge
  19. Playground
  20. Happy Animals
  21. Pick Up Flowers

CD, 21 Songs
Item: NiHao Little Friends Soundtrack
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