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Ni Hao Little Friends - Learn Chinese with ChinaSprout V064


Get ready to have lots of fun learning Mandarin Chinese with ChinaSprout's little friends. This remarkable video gets children singing and dancing along with the kids on the screen as they learn colors, numbers, names of animals and fruits, and more. It works as well in a classroom setting as it does at home. To facilitate a parent's or teacher's assistance and interaction, subtitles are in both Pinyin and Chinese simplified characters. Bright graphics and lively tunes make this a winner for 3-8 year olds. Here is the review from Video Librarian, a national trade expert's magazine that is written for the video buyers of both for-profit and non-profit organizations. "Say Ni Hao (hello!) to this clever, colorful introductory guide to Mandarin Chinese hosted by an energetic (and clearly experienced) teacher who leads a group of very excited children in song and dances as they learn numbers and colors, as well as names of various foods and animals... Enthusiastically recommended for both home and classroom use." Here is some feedback from customers who have seen the tape:

"Katie Mei Cai absolutely loves the video. We have watched it 100 times." - Gayle, PA
"We've tried a number of other items to stimulate their interest in Mandarin, but nothing has caught their imagination as this." - Chris Owen, GA
"Our 2 kids are enjoying the Little Friends video. They usually watch it 3-5 times per day. Now, Shelley can count up to 10 in Chinese!!! And she can also say some colors, and sing along with the other songs. Her pronounciation is like Beijing hua. In the past she wasn't so interested in speaking Chinese." - Wei Tai, CA

VHS, NTSC (North America Standard), 30 Minutes
Item: Ni Hao Little Friends - Learn Chinese with ChinaSprout
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