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The Silk Road DVD Series VVC090


Trace Back to Silk Road: Boundless Silk Road Beings from Chang'an. In about 800 years from Han to Tang Dynasties, with the trade of silk, Chang'an leapt into an international metropolis in the world at that time. The archaeology research of the Silk Road that had a direct influence on western politics and economy, and witnessed the communication of four greatest and ancient civilizations.
Riddle of Silk Road: The boundless road of several thousand years old left numerous legends and unsolved riddles. With time passing by, it had become more confusing and eye-catching. Archaeologists along this mysterious Silk Road, tried to find some traces to those unsolved riddles of thousand of years.
Mysterious Loulan: 100 years ago, a Sweden explorer Sven Hedin took an adventure to Lop Nor, and discovered Loulan, a city lost for a thousand years. The archeologists and historians have been decoding the mystery of Loulan constantly, but they haven't figured out who built this city and why they deserted it.
Ancient State of Silk Road: The heart-touching ancient cities, fengsui and posts,towering in the sesert or by the ancient river, tell you the past prosperity of "Businessmen and peddlers of the north streaming to ther frontier".On this ancient road, the momentarily glorious ancient state witnessed vicissitude most convincingly.
Map of Silk Road: The silk road as brilliant as a colorful belt, starts from Chang'an in the west, through Hexi corridor and into Xingjiang, with a meandering trip through green oasis, immense desert, Pamir P;ateau, Persia in the west, Constantinople, Rome and so on. In the south it can lead to India; in the north and west along then bank of Caspian Sea.

DVD, 60 Minutes, In Mandarin Chinese with Chinese and English subtitles
Item: The Silk Road DVD Series
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