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Trekking the World - Ancient Routes VVC105


Geographic travel journalist Damon Redfern hosts this fascinating series.
Program 1: China (Part 1) - China is a country united by what it means to be Chinese, and strengthened by the diversity of fifty-six different ethnic groups. Damon treks the rural heartland of China's remote provinces to meet some of the nation's most colorful and distinct ethnic minorities. In a land of 1.3 billion people, he seeks out the distant villages and peoples that time forgot, to learn their traditional myths and legends and to see how modern China is a blending of ancient peoples and futuristic ideals.

Program 2: China (Part 2) - The ancient Chinese called their land the Middle Kingdom, because, to them, they were at the center of the universe. It led the world in art and culture, economics and security, language and identity. Fast forward a few thousand years and it seems as if history is once again repeating. The Middle Kingdom is still an incomprehensibly large and diverse realm and the Chinese today are anxious to reclaim their place at the center of the world. To understand China's new found optimism, Damon looks to the lessons of the past as he follows the sweep of Imperial China from the first Emperor 200 years before Christ to the last one, under a century ago.

Program 3: Malaysia - Malaysia is a multicultural country of color, tradition and belief. It is a nation of tolerance and faith, of history and culture. And it is a destination of rich experiences from the urban sophistication of Kuala Lumpur to the raw beauty of the Borneo jungles. Damon travels the sweep of Malaysia from modern nation, through colonial outposts, to ancient untamed wilderness, as he crisscrosses the country to experience the land and its people.

Blu-ray Plus Combo Pack-
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Blu-Ray + DVD, 2 hours and 30 minutes, Mandarin Chinese, Chinese and English Subtitles
Item: Trekking the World - Ancient Routes
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