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BLH238       BLH239  BLH249   BLH250  BLH251   BLH252  BLH253     BLH256  GCSE Chinese Writing Revision
                                                                                  This book covers all the
                                                                                  topics specified in the
                                                                                  Edexcel Chinese GCSE and
                                 BLH257  BLH260  BLH261   BLH262      BLH267      AQA guidelines. It provides a
                                                                                  comprehensive and structured
                                                                                  approach to guide students
                                                                                  through the writing course
                                                                                  topic by topic. They will learn
        IBDP and IGCSE Test Prep                                                  the essential writing strategies
        Books                                                                     and the English-Chinese
        This book collection provides guidance                                    translation techniques. Mock
        to students on preparing for IBDP and                                     tests and writing samples are included. Paperback,
                                                                                  Simplified Chinese characters and English, 272
        IGCSE tests and to teachers on designing                                  pages, 10.5”x8.25”.
        such courses. Books on writing extended essays focus on scoring criteria, writing steps and techniques, and
        resources to utilize, while those on oral, reading and listening tests cover the required themes and a wide range of   BLH263   $34.95
        topics. Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters.                                                          and IB Students  T extbooks for AP
        BLH238 IBDP Writing the Extended Essay for Chinese A Literature (210 pages, 9.5"x6.75")  $25.95
        BLH239 IBDP To-Win Chinese B Listening Comprehension Skills (184 pages, 9.5"x6.7")   $19.95
        BLH249 IBDP Chinese A - A Student's Guide to Literary Terms (309 pages, 8.25"x5.5")   $23.95
        BLH250 IGCSE 0523 Writing and Speaking Skills (240 pages, 9.5"x6.75")    $23.95
        BLH251 IBDP  To Excel Chinese B Listening (203 Pages, 9.5x6.75")     $22.95
        BLH252 IBDP Chinese B Authentic Theme-Based Unit Design (177 Pages, 9.5"x6.75")    $25.95
        BLH253 IBDP Chinese A Booklet of Basic Concepts of Literature (196 Pages, 8.25"x5.5")    $19.95
        BLH256 IBDP Voyage Chinese B Reading Comprehension Skills (244 pages, 9.5"x6.75")   $22.95
        BLH257 IGCSE Mock Test Papers for Listening and Reading (270 pages, 9.5"x6.75")   $24.95
        BLH260 IBDP Expressway to Chinese Listening (256 pages, 9.5"x6.75")    $26.95
        BLH261 IBDP Chinese Ab initio Mock Papers (64 pages, 10.95"x8. 5")    $15.95
        BLH262 DP Chinese B Assessment Guide – Writing (245 pages, 9.5"x6.75")    $26.95
        BLH267 DP Chinese B Vocabulary Booklet for Listening Comprehension (121 pages, 5”x3.5) $11.95
                                                                                  Explorer: IBDP
        BLH229        BLH259       BLH264                                         Chinese B
                                                IB Chinese Writing, Reading and   This series is especially designed for IB Chinese
                                                Speaking                          students and teachers in line with the latest syllabus.
                                                These books are designed to train students in   Focusing on the five IB themes, the series features
                                                writing, reading and speaking skills for the IB   literature works of different genres with the required
                                                Chinese exams and to get familiar with the IB   HSK vocabulary for each level. It covers grammar, HL
                                                grading standards. The writing books aims to help   literature writing techniques and practice, IB test prep
                                                students improve essay writing performance,   materials in all four language skills, and mock tests.
                                                enhance their understanding of the Chinese   Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 300 pages/
                                                language, and broaden their world view. The   book, 11.6"x8.3".
                                                reading workbooks aim to help students improve   BLH271 Vol. 1, 2 or 3                                 $49.95
                                                skills to use Chinese sentence patterns. The oral
                                                assessment book offers oral expression examples   BLH266
                                                and techniques. Paperback. 11.25”x8.25”.
        BLH229  Follow Me Through (BSL or BHL, SC/TC, 278-284 pages/book)    $49.95
        BLH243  Follow Me Through Exercise (BSL or BHL, SC/TC, 136-142 pages/book)    $17.95
        BLH259  IB Extended Essay   (SC/TC, 240 pages)                $39.95
        BLH264  IB Oral Assessment Vol. 1 or 2 (SC, 198-246 pages/book)   $45.95
        BLH213             BLH214                         BLH216
                                          BLH215                                  BLH265


        IB and SAT Study Guides                                                   IBDP Chinese B Listening and Reading
        Prepare for Chinese language IB and SAT tests with the help of these detailed study   This book series features articles specifically selected
        guides. Students will learn about the test formats, grading criteria, and question types   based on the five themes of IBDP to reflect Chinese
        while reviewing vocabulary and grammar and improving reading comprehension.   daily life. Not only can students improve their Chinese
        Practice tests, sample essays, and opportunities for self-revision make these guides   reading and listening comprehension, but they can also
        invaluable tools for enhancing writing skills and achieving top scores. Paperback,   gain a better understanding of Chinese society and
        Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters. Ages 15+.                   culture. Reading and listening exercises corresponding
        BLH213  IBDP Chinese B Writing (291 pages, 11"x8.5")             $49.95   with the new 2020 IB syllabus are also included to
        BLH214  SAT Subject Test Chinese Study Guide (342 pages, 11"x8.5", 2 CDs)     $29.95  reinforce learning. Paperback, Simplified Chinese
        BLH215  Chinese Narrative Writing (190 pages, 9"x6.75")          $29.95   characters, 108-122 pages/book, 10.25"x7.25".
        BLH216  Chinese Argumentative Writing  (190 pages, 9"x6.75")     $29.95   $27.95 each
        BLH240  IBDP Chinese B Study Guide (Standard & Higher Level) (295 pages, 11”x8.5”)   $39.95  BLH265 SL (Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5)
        BLH254  IBDP Chinese B Study Guide (344 pages, 10.8”x8.5”)       $39.95   BLH266 HL (Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5)
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