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Amazing Chinese
                                             The Amazing Chinese series is designed for nonnative Chinese speakers
                                             based on the HSK standards. The textbook contains six language practice
                                             parts including reading comprehension, key language, dialogue, listening,
                                             Chinese character practice and activity. Culture and language notes,
                                             checklist, and various class activities are also included in each lesson.
                                             The workbook includes listening, reading aloud and recording, reading
                                             comprehension and short composition. Paperback, Simplified Chinese
                                             characters, Pinyin and English, 144-179 pages/book, 11"x8.25". Ages 12+.
                                             BLM107  Textbook (Vol. 1 or 2)    $36.95   (Vol. 3)  $42.95
                                             BLM108  Workbook (Vol. 1 or 2)    $25.95   (Vol. 3)  $29.95
                                             BLM109  Teacher’s Book (Vol. 1, 2 or 3)  $34.95
        Cultural Interpretations of China -                                      Experiencing Chinese: Basic Course
        Advanced Readers                      China in View - From Tradition to   (Revised Edition)
        This book series introduces Chinese culture to help   Contemporary                                         College Learners
        advanced students improve expression skills in cultural   This book series explores       With updated content   T extbooks for Adult and
        context. The readers, which include topical essays    the essentials of Chinese           and improved layout,
                                                                                                  the revised edition
        and adapted Chinese literature and cultural classics,   culture in its depth and          of Experience Chinese
        emphasize word analysis, synonyms, and discussions    breadth, and from the               Basic Course is designed
        to build linguistic proficiency. The readers explore   past to the present. Each          to provide students
        traditional holidays, family, religions, etiquettes, ancient   chapter, with abundant     with hands-on learning
                                                              illustrations, provides
        education system, and more. Paperback, Simplified     an outline of the topic,            experience. Each lesson
        Chinese characters, 220-258 pages/book, 11.5"x8.5".    keywords in both English           includes lesson objectives,
        BLO260 Vol. 1 or 2                          $29.95    and Chinese, and a variety          vocabulary, text, activities,
                                                              of exercises and challenging        language points, phonetics,
                                                              questions for discussions.          characters, cultural notes, and
                                              Paperback, English, 245 pages, 11.25"x8.5".         more. Workbook supplements
                                              BLO261 $29.95                                       the textbook lessons, helping
                                                            BLL225               to reinforce learning. Paperback, Simplified Chinese
                                                                                 characters, Pinyin and English, Textbooks: 128-131 pages/
                                              BLL224                             book, Workbooks: 43-46 pages/book, 11.25"x8.25".
                                                                                 BLL233  Textbooks (Vol. 1, 2, 3 or 4)           $29.95
                                                                                 BLL234  Workbooks (Vol. 1, 2, 3 or 4)         $13.95
                                                                                 Elementary and Continuing Mandarin
                                                                                 This two-level book series is
                                                                                 designed for students to learn
                                                                                 skills of speaking, reading and
                                                                                 writing Chinese in an effective
                                                                                 way. The textbooks teach
                                                                                 common, everyday Chinese
                                             Chinese Grammar Wiki BOOK           dialogues, complete with
        Discover China                       This series introduces basic and all essential grammar   vocabulary lists, questions and
        Designed for young adults and adult learners,   points in an easy-to-understand Wiki format. All   storylines based on actual
        Discover China employs a communicative approach to   grammar points are interlinked and are presented   everyday experiences in China.
        language learning that gives students a comprehensive,  with plain text, example sentences and common   The workbooks correspond
        integrated andsystematic introduction. Emphasis is   mistakes with corrections. The Basic covers the 26   with the textbooks and provide exercises to reinforce
        placed on pair work, group work and on a variety   grammar points for beginners. The Elementary includes   learning. Free online audio recordings, printable flash
        of speaking and listening activities to help students   135 grammar points with 245 grammar structures. The   cards are also included. Paperback, Simplified Chinese
        become confident Chinese language speakers.   Intermediate features 145 grammar points with over   characters, Pinyin and English, Textbooks: 288 pages/
        Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and   200 grammar structures for more advanced learners.   book, Workbooks: 72 pages/book, 10"x7.5".
        English, Textbooks: 184-222 pages/book, 2 CDs/book,   Paperback, English, 112-388 pages/book, 10"x8".   BLL231 Textbook
        Workbooks: 105-125 pages/book, 1 CD. 11"x8.75".  BLL224 Basic           $6.99     (Beginner or Intermediate)          $29.99
        BLL149  Textbook (Vol. 1 2, 3 or 4)   $46.46   BLL225 Elementary           $39.95  BLL232 Workbook
        BLL150  Workbook (Vol. 1 2, 3 or 4)   $27.15  BLL229 Intermediate           $39.95     (Beginner or Intermediate)          $16.99
        Step Up With Chinese for Beginners   Experiencing Chinese               BLO040         BLO041   BLL165
                          This book set teaches   Written especially for beginners, the Experiencing
                          Chinese in real-life context   Chinese series incorporates the concept of learning
                          to help students develop all
                          four language skills. Instead   through experience to teach social or business   BLL022  BLO039
                          of using the traditional   communication, with a  focus on listening and speaking   BLL021
                          text-vocabulary-grammar   skills. Each volume has a different focus: business
                          approach, each lesson is   communication, studying, traveling, sports, living, or
                          broken down into small   experiencing culture in China. Paperback, Simplified
                          steps to learn and practice.   Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, Textbooks: 132-
                          Each step builds upon   222 pages/book, Workbooks: 132-253 pages/book,
                          previously learned vocabulary   11"x8.25", 1 CD/book.
                          and sentence patterns in a   BLL021  Culture in China    $24.95
                          systematic way. Students will   BLL035  Culture in China Workbook    $15.95
                          learn effective communication  BLL022  Traveling in China    $29.95
        methods while learning Chinese culture. E-books are   BLO039 Business Communication    $29.95
        available for purchase, and please contact us for details.   BLL119  Business Communication   BLL033  Studying in China Workbook    $17.95
        Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 192-275 pages/     Workbook    $15.95  BLO041 Living in China    $29.95
        book, Pinyin and English. 11.25”x8.25”. Ages 15+.   BLO040 Studying in China (40-50 Hours) $24.95  BLL034  Living in China Workbook    $15.95
        BLH173  Textbook (HC, Vol. 1, 2 or 3)        $69.99   BLO040 Studying in China (50-70 Hours)  $34.95  BLL165  Living in China Advanced    $34.95
        BLH174  Workbook (PB, Vol. 1, 2 or 3)       $44.99
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