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New Practical Chinese Reader (2  Edition)   BLA022           BLA094
                                     As the 2  edition of the popular New Practical Chinese
                                     Reader series, this set of comprehensive Chinese language               BLO247
                                     textbooks is compiled for the purpose of teaching Chinese to
                                     non-native adult Chinese speakers. The focus of this book is
                                     to use language structure and functional, cultural knowledge
                                     to build and enhance skills in listening, speaking, reading, and
                                     writing. E-books are available for purchase, and please contact
                                     us for details. Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin
                                     and English, Textbooks: 242-323 pages/book, Workbooks:
                                     139-182 pages/book, Teacher’s Manuals: 124-151 pages/book,
                                     11.25”x8.25”, 1 MP3/book.
     T extbooks for AP   and College Students  5 Steps to a 5: AP Chinese   BLO212 Instructor’s Manual (Vol. 1, 2, 3 or 4)  $16.95  Integrated Chinese
                                     BLO210 Textbook (Vol. 1, 2, 3 or 4)
                                     BLO211 Workbook (Vol. 1, 2, 3 or 4)
                                                                               The Integrated Chinese textbook series expands English-
                                                                               speaking students' vocabulary and improves their ability
                                           Step Up to AP: Chinese Language,
        Language and Culture
                                                                               to communicate in Chinese social settings. It also teaches
                                           Culture, and Society
        Get ready to ace your
        AP Chinese Language
                                                                               an innovative text layout using pinyin, simplified, and
                                           students, the book focuses
        and Culture Exam
                                                                               traditional characters, in addition to the English dialogue
                                           on contemporary China to
        with this easy-to-                 Developed for AP Chinese            the reading and writing of characters.The books contain
                                                                               translations, making learning enjoyable. The texts include
        follow 5-step study                help students understand            many cultural notes, pictures, and more for reference.
      guide accompanied by an              China’s interactions and            Paperback, Simplified and Traditional characters
      audio program and a free             relations with the world.           combined, Pinyin and English, Textbooks: 249-452 pages/
      app! Aligned to the course           The book explores China’s           book, Workbooks: 125-356 pages/book, Character
      syllabus and test guidelines,        cultural and social issues          Workbooks: 142-202 pages/book, 11"x8.5".Ages 15+.
      the book includes two full-          through two American high           3  Edition
      length practice exams,               school students’ studying           BLA022  Textbook Level 1 Part 1    $59.99
      scoring criteria, a complete         and interning in China.             BLA023  Workbook Level 1 Part 1    $29.99
      audio program on MP3, and            The nine-unit textbook              BLO056  Character Book Level 1 Part 1   $26.99
      a free app for you to create your own study schedule   introduces topics in a dialog   BLO054  Textbook Level 1 Part 2    $64.99
      on your mobile device. Paperback, Simplified and   format, and the workbook features a wide variety of   BLO055  Workbook Level 1 Part 2    $29.99
      Traditional Chinese characters and English, 326 pages,   exercises alongside two AP practice exams. This book   BLO057  Character Book Level 1 Part 2   $27.99
      10.75"x8.5", 1MP3.                   helps students develop overall Chinese language skills   BLA025  4 Audio CDs Level 1 Part 1    $49.99
      BLH190  $26.00                       and interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational skills.   BLA025  2 Audio CDs Level 1 Part 2   $39.99
      AP Chinese Language and Culture      E-books are available for purchase, and please contact   BLA094  Textbook Level 2 Part 1    $69.99
                                           us for details. Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters,
                       This AP test prep book   Pinyin and English, 164-312 Pages, 11.2"X8.5". Ages 15+.  BLA094  Textbook Level 2 Part 2    $74.99
                       reviews all parts of the AP   BLH245 Textbook              $61.95              BLA095  Workbook
                       Chinese exam: listening,   BLH246 Workbook            $24.95     (Level 2 Part 1 or Part 2)    $37.99
                       reading, writing, grammar,                              BLO058 Character Book
                       speaking, and culture.   A Study Guide to the AP Chinese       (Level 2 Part 1 or Part 2)    $23.99
                       Each section includes   Language and Culture Test       BLO059  2 Audio CDs Level 2
                       exercises. The listening and         This book is intended to      (Part 1 or 2)       $39.99
                       reading sections include             serve as a test prep manual   BLO165  Textbook DVD (Level 1 Part 1)  $69.99
                       practice questions with              of the contents and skills   BLO165  Textbook DVD (Level 1 Part 2)  $73.99
                       answer keys and detailed             that students need to   BLO165  Textbook DVD (Level 2 Part 1)   $79.99
                       explanations. The book               master in the AP Chinese   BLO165  Textbook DVD (Level 2 Part 2)   $83.99
                       presents questions in                tests. It can be used for   BLF111  Builder Cards (5.65"x7.5")    $54.99
                       simplified and traditional           the AP Chinese course at   4  Edition
      Chinese characters and includes two full-length       school or as a self-study   BLO247  Texbook Vol. 1    $62.99
      practice exams with answer keys. Paperback, English,   guide. Divided into four   BLO247  Texbook Vol. 2    $66.99
      624 pages, 11"x8.4".                                  themes related to historical  BLO247  Texbook Vol. 3    $69.99
      BLH112   $29.99                                                          BLO247  Texbook Vol. 4         $74.99
                                                            and contemporary
     AP Chinese Language and Culture                        perspectives of Chinese   BLO248  Workbook Vol. 1    $32.99
                                                                               BLO248  Workbook Vol. 2
                                                            culture and society, this
     Simulated Tests                       book will help students learn theme vocabulary and   BLO248  Workbook Vol. 3    $36.99
     This book was                         important sentence structures. Paperback, Simplified   BLO248  Workbook Vol. 4    $38.99
     compiled by Chinese                   Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 241 pages,   BLO249  Character Workbook Vol. 1    $27.99
     teachers who are                      11.25”x8.5". Ages 15+.              BLO249  Character Workbook Vol. 2    $28.99
     familiar with the AP                  BLH182  $37.95                      BLO249  Character Workbook Vol. 3    $24.99
     Chinese exam. It is a                                                     BLO249 Character Workbook Vol. 4    $25.99
     practical and essential
     tool that can serve as                                  Harvest Intermediate Chinese
     self-preparation and/                                   Harvest is a four-skill intermediate Chinese program that combines the teaching
     or a crash course for                                   of the language with culture. It draws students into the study of Chinese through
     the examination. The                                    its stimulating and contemporary readings, authentic language use, content-based
     book features eight                                     materials, and engaging and meaningful activities.The program is comprised of six
     complete practice tests.                                units and 12 lessons covering a wide variety of cultural topics such as school life,
     Students can download                                   family, festivals, Chinese ethnic minorities, famous people, Chinese literature and
     free audio files for the listening and speaking sections.   arts. Paperback, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, Textbook:
     Paperback, Simplified and Traditional Chinese           228 pages, Workbook: 140 pages, 11"x8.5".Ages 14+.
     characters and English, 268 pages, 11"x8.25".           BLO109    Textbook      $34.95                            BLO110    Workbook   $34.95
     BLH142   $29.95
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