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Large Chinese Shuttlecock - Jian Zi AKA165


Jian Zi is used in the traditional Chinese game of shuttlecock or featherball. In this game, which originated in China in the 5th century BC, players use their feet to kick the shuttle back and forth. It is said to be the precursor of hacky-sack and an early version of badminton. Our traditional and original Jian Zi is made of colorful feathers and round pieces of lead and tin. A great party favor, lots of fun to have a group of children to play together. This is a larger Jian Zi which weighs little heavier than the small one and is easier to kick. Price is for each Jian Zi. To learn more about Jian Zi, click here.

Feather, 7'' Tall
Item: Large Chinese Shuttlecock - Jian Zi
Our Price:US$ 2.95
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