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Lego-compatible The Passes of Great Wall ATG260


Build your own mini replica of the wonder of the Great Wall, each includes 186-506 high-quality mini-blocks that are compatible in size and scale with Lego building sets. Follow the instructions for hours of fun constructing a mini replica of the amazing passes of the Great Wall. For ages 6 and up, helps develop logical thinking, problem-solving, and fine motor skills. Choose from blow designs. 

Beacon Tower 烽火台(186PCS) (Box: 11.25"x7.25"x1.9")
Yumen Pass 玉门关(244PCS)  (Box: 13.5"x10.25"x2.15")
Jiayu Pass 嘉峪关(246PCS)  (Box: 13.5"x10.25"x2.15")
Shanhai Pass 山海关(253PCS)  (Box: 13.5"x10.25"x2.15")
Juyong Pass 居庸关(345PCS)  (Box: 16.5"x11.15"x2.25")
Badaling 八达岭长城(506PCS)  (Box: 19"x11.15"x2.5")

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Plastic, Box Size 24"x18"x3.5"
Item: Lego-compatible The Passes of Great Wall
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